Hancrafted Almond Butter. If you ever imagined THE perfect  Almond Butter, this is the one!

Made with local blanched almonds and cashews (means its easier to digest) and easier for you body to absorb all the nutrients!

Hint of cashews

Pinch of espresso powder 

Dash of vanilla extract 


Simple, yet delicious.


*Blend in smoothies, drizzel on toast, eat a spoonful out of the jar, make almond butter PB cups and more


*Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Peanut Free, Oil Free, Sugar Free

*Comes in 12 ounce Jars, 1 year shelf life, no refrigeration needed

(Store bought almond butter tastes nothing close to this!)


Almond Butter

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  • This product contians 

    *almonds and cashews