• Gabriella Filippi

Get to know Late Night Bakes

Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Ella Filippi, and I am a 19-year-old college student living in beautiful California where the sun always shines!

Where Late Night Bakes began is fairly simple. My family adopted a paleo style of eating, which is what I follow today, but it meant no more delicious cakes or cookies or anything that we all loved! I have been an avid baker since I was little. SO, every night, mostly at midnight, I gathered up the approved paleo baking ingredients to re-create

our favorite desserts but healthy!

Through much trial and error and two years of testing recipes, I was able to formulate the perfect paleo treat to satisfy ANY sweet tooth (even those who aren't used to healthy desserts love them).

I might be a health freak or whatever you want to call it but eating a paleo lifestyle has truly changed my health for the better. I hope that you can see the benefits of switching out sugary sweets for nutritious treats!

I have selected the top quality ingredients to make sure that these desserts are the BEST! No corner-cutting ever, just simple whole ingredients transformed into deliciousness☺️ Whether you are trying to eat better, just want a little snack, or are experimenting with paleo, I've got you covered!!

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